Basics and Style Staples, Part 1

I recently wrote in a previous blog post that basics are a major part of my style at the moment, and I mentioned a few key pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe. So on that note, I thought I would write a blog post for you all on basics and style staples that I love and how I style my basics (part 2) and how I put them together on a daily basis. I will link all the pieces for you at the bottom of the post, and I hope that this helps you or gives you some inspiration. This is going to be a pretty hefty post, so grab a cuppa and enjoy!

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February Face


Β I recently put a picture on Instagram of the makeup I was wearing one day and upon seeing it again realised I had worn that makeup look all through last month and also most of this month. So, I thought I would talk you through what has been on my face through the month of February…

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ASOS Love List

As mentioned in one of my recent posts, we are currently in those ”in-between months” and don’t know whether to wear a leather jacket and scarf, a big warm coat or whether not wearing tights is acceptable yet. ASOS recently has been my go to for fashion, so I have put together a few pieces I have really been loving at the moment and trying to stop myself from buying!


Are there any pieces in particular you are loving at the moment?