Basics and Style Staples, Part 1

I recently wrote in a previous blog post that basics are a major part of my style at the moment, and I mentioned a few key pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe. So on that note, I thought I would write a blog post for you all on basics and style staples that I love and how I style my basics (part 2) and how I put them together on a daily basis. I will link all the pieces for you at the bottom of the post, and I hope that this helps you or gives you some inspiration. This is going to be a pretty hefty post, so grab a cuppa and enjoy!

So, lets start from the top (hehe get it?!) down….

T-Shirts. I find myself reaching for these daily. I really like the H&M plain ones. I advise having a few V-neck or round neck plain tee’s (dependant on which you like better) and maybe one or two slogan tees. I also really like wearing more slouchy jersey tops, which have a bit of a longer arm length, and of course a stripy tee or top.

Black, Grey, White V-Neck Tee – H&M // Slouchy Jersey in Grey and Stripe – H&M // Happy Bunny Crop Tee – ASOS // Grey Slogan Tee – ASOS

Bodysuits. Personally, I don’t like wearing body’s as I don’t feel that confident in them, but these are always a good staple piece to have, especially as we come into the summer months. Missguided have a great range to choose from, and you can get them in so many styles now!


Black Body – Missguided

Jumpers. You cant go wrong with a good jumper. I love jumpers with a shirt underneath with some jeans or a slouchy knit with a pair of cigarette trousers. You also cant go wrong with a turtle neck jumper, and Urban Outfitters have some really nice ones in at the moment in a great range of colours.

Turtleneck Jumper – Urban Outfitters // Grey Batwing Jumper – Topshop // Yellow Thin Jumper – Topshop

Cami’s. Last summer, I lived in these. They are great for layering, and also for just throwing on with some jeans or a skirt. I really like the double strap ones, as they are a little different. You can find these in pretty much any colour, and they go with everything.

Red Mesh Cami – ASOS // Blue Double Strap Cami – ASOS

Shirts. Whether it be checked, denim or just a plain white shirt, you can go wrong! I really like checked shirts tied round the waist as just a something extra, or a nice clean white shirt with some black skinny jeans. Denim shirts are timeless, and also look good with the right pair of jeans, or a plan black skirt in the summer.

Check Shirt – H&M // Stripe Shirt – Boohoo // White Shirt – ASOS // Denim Shirt – ASOS

Jackets. Where would I be without my leather jacket? I swear it goes with everything. I actually have 3, each in a different colour (yes I know, I have a problem). I also adore my suede jacket which is a khaki colour, which is perfect for summer evenings when it gets a bit cooler. Saying that, I think I even have a leather and suede jacket somewhere…..

Mustard Suede Jacket – Missguided // Leather Jacket – River Island // Grey Suede Jacket – Missguided

Jeans. I believe that jeans are a girls best friend. I love my skinny jeans, I am wearing some right now, and they are kind of my comfort blanket. I always like to have a pair of black skinny jeans, one pair with rips and one without, a pair of mom jeans and a pair of blue ripped skinnies. I do have a pair of white jeans but they don’t get that much love at this time of the year, but they are good for the warmer months, but you have to be so careful when wearing them, which is never good for me as I am such a messy eater. I love the Topshop Joni jeans, as well as my ASOS mom jeans.

Black Skinny Jeans – Levis // Black Ripped Mom Jeans – ASOS // Blue Mom Jeans – ASOS // Black Ripped Knee Jeans – Topshop // Blue Ripped Jeans – Topshop

Trousers. My spring/early summer staple is cigarette trousers, I love patterned ones with a plain tee or a jumper and a fedora. For the winter months I really love my leather trousers, the ones I own are high waisted in a cigarette trouser style, and look really cool paired with a camel jumper and some trainers. I also am loving ”formal joggers” at the moment. For the summer you can also pair some wide leg trousers with a cami, or even a shirt for a more tailored look. I like these style of trousers cause you can go really plain and classic or make a statement with a bold pattern and adding a bit of colour.

Leather Trousers – ASOS // Grey Wide Leg Trousers – Boohoo // Rose Joggers – Missguided // Black Floral Cigarette Trousers – Topshop // White Floral Trousers – River Island // Yellow Patterned Trousers – River Island

Skirts. I’m not a massive skirt wearer, but I do have a few in my wardrobe. My favourite style is A-line skirts, and I have a denim one which I love. The only other style I tend to wear is midi skirts, but I only wear these either on holiday or when its warm (which is never in the UK).

Grey Midi Skirt – Missguided // A-Line Denim Skirt – Topshop

Playsuits, Jumpsuits and Dresses. Jumpsuits and playsuits are so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down in a matter of seconds! I only tend to wear these in the summer, but are a great piece to have in your wardrobe.I also love t-shirt dresses for the summer and shirt dresses.

Grey Stripe T-Shirt Dress – ASOS // Stripe Shirt Dress – Boohoo // Black Off Shoulder Playsuit – Missguided // Black Jumpsuit – Topshop

Shoes. Shoes are totally subjective, and everyone has styles they love and hate. I love shoes, and find that I always need that extra pair (sorry bank balance). However, I do find there are certain styles that are essential to have, in my wardrobe anyway, and you cant go wrong with. The first being a pair of trainers. These can be paired with skirts, jeans, trousers, you name it. A pair of good flats is also a must and I also like to have a pair of black boots, and a pair of not so high open toe ones. Over the knee boots are always a win, and throw in a pair of nude and black heels and you are about there!

Tassle Flats – River Island // White Trainers – Adidas // Black and Snake Flats – Topshop // Open Toe Black Shoes – Topshop // Over The Knee Boots – Public Desire // Black Boots – Public Desire // Nude Heels – River Island // Cage Black Heels – River Island

Accessories. I’m not a massive jewellery person, but I do have a few pairs of earrings I really like and I LOVE fedora hats, as they can make any outfit look better. As for bags, for me all you really need is one large bag, a backpack, one small cross-body bag and a clutch.

Brown Bag – Urban Outfitters // Black Cross Body Bag – Missguided // Fedora Hat – ASOS // Star Earring – ASOS // Grey Clutch – Whistles // Black Backpack – New Look

I was going to show you how I would pair these items with each other but I am going to do a  part 2 showing you how otherwise we will be here all day!

What are your favourite style staples and basics?

6 thoughts on “Basics and Style Staples, Part 1

  1. Brilliant Part 1 & 2 post! Thank you SO much.♥
    I decided to go through all my clothes today and this has really helped me to mix and match different things I wouldn’t have considered ordinarily. I found a playsuit I had bought a couple years ago and only wore twice before, but with your tips it’s been given a new lease of life!
    I’d love your opinion on a piece of clothing I just came across – it’s a navy dungaree dress which I bought on impulse and haven’t really worn.. what would you wear with it / underneath it to make it a casual outfit?! Any advice would be SUPER appreciated. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your so welcome! Of course, I would love to help in any way I could 🙂 I have a black dungaree dress and I tend to wear it with a stripey tee underneath, but to be honest any t-shirt looks nice under them, and then pair it with some converse. Alternatively a turtle neck jumper, some tights and boots :). For a bit more of a smarter look a chiffon shirt and some loafers or tassel flats! Hope this helps sweet 😘 x


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