Blogs That I’m Loving 

Recently I have been swaying away from YouTube videos and reading more blogs. There are a few that I find myself checking almost daily to see if they have uploaded or not.

Corrie (DizzyBrunette3). This blog is one of my inspirations to start blogging. Corrie is so lovely and down to earth and that really comes across on her blog. She write some really good reviews but also mixes her content up with some lifestyle posts. My particular favourites are her GIF posts, as they always give me a good giggle. A must read.

That Pommie Girl. This girl knows how to dress. One thing I love about this blog is that the majority of the outfits are actually wearable day to day, and affordable which is a massive key point for me personally. Sarah who writes the blog is an inspiration for me aswell, and she is absolutely gorgeous. I also have major hair envy, if you check out her Instagram you will understand.

Kate La Vie. The photography on Kate’s blog is gorgeous, she gorgeous and her house is gorgeous. What’s not to love? I especially enjoy her house related posts, and it always makes my purse twitch when I click on her blog as it knows the inevitable is going to happen.

I Covet Thee. Alix writes beautifully and has a mixture of lifestyle, beauty and fashion on her blog. She always draws me in with her photos, and I have recently enjoyed watching her moving vlog’s on YouTube.

Which blogs are you loving right now?

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