Eyelash Extensions: My Experience, Day 3

Just a little update for you all on how I’m getting on! Firstly, I am still loving my extensions and have had no problems.

The first night going to sleep with them on was strange as I was trying to be super careful but it hasn’t effected my sleep or anything like that. I wore makeup with them for the first time yesterday and that was fine, and I could apply eye makeup like normal.

I have found one thing I’m not a fan of but its only a small issue. I have to take my eye makeup off with a cotton bud and micellar water, so it does take a bit longer. This is because you have to try and not rub your lashes so it just eliminates any potential damage if you do it this way. I also had a shower with them in and they were fine, I just made sure I brushed through them after I got out the shower so they dried better.

So far, I haven’t lost any either which is great, and really enjoying having them!

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