My 5 Most Worn Lipsticks

My last beauty related post was quite popular so I thought I would write another for you, this time it being on my top 5 lipsticks. I have always had a love/hate relationship with lipsticks. I love wearing some but others I can stand for all of 5 minutes and have to take it off. So, when I find a lipstick I can wear all day, I know it’s a good’un.

As you may see, there is definitely a colour there going on as I like my nudes.

Soap and Glory Lipstick in The Missing Pink. I got this for a birthday present one year, and I love it. It’s not matte,but doesn’t slide off your lips either, it’s the perfect balance with a beautiful sheen. It’s a pinky nude shade as the name would suggest and the packaging is really nice, making it feel more high end. I honestly love this and think it’s a highly underrated product.

MAC Lipstick in Stone. This is a more recent addition to my lipstick collection, and definitely more of an Autumn/Winter shade. It’s matte, however it doesn’t dry out my lips, which I find can happen with some MAC lipsticks. The best way I can describe this shade is a taupe greyish brown, but I seriously love it. It looks great with or without a tan, and makes your teeth look whiter, which is always a bonus.

MAC Lipstick in Patisserie. This was totally a Lily Pebbles inspired purchase. Again, its nude (yes I know I have a problem). This shade is more pink and girly than the soap and glory one, and  its not sticky and doesn’t slide off the lips, and gives a beautiful amount of colour as it has a great amount of pigment. It also works great over and under other lipsticks or liners. It literally is my perfect everyday lipstick, and I find goes with most make up looks, and being a lustre formula is relatively moisturising.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107. This is oldie, but a goodie. Its matte, and a beautiful berry red shade. I do tend to wear this in the Autumn and Winter months, but it does make the odd appearance for dinner or a party. I think this is my third bullet, which is really a testament to how much i like it as I change my mind a lot.

Kiko Lipstick 603. I have previously mentioned this lipstick, and I thought it was limited edition, but I popped into Kiko and they still have some of this range available, yay! Firstly I love the fancy rose gold packaging, because it’s awsome, not other reason. This is a more brown nude, and appears to be semi-matte. It has great staying power and matches really well with a Rimmel lip liner that I have. It’s very 90’s and I’m ok with that.

What are your most worn lipsticks? Is there any missing from my collection?

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