Some Kiehls Bits….

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently popped into Kiehls and has one of their free skin consultations. I ended up making 2 purchases, both recommended to be based on m skin type and issues I had… trust me I could have bought everything that was recommended to me!


Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This was something I already knew that I wanted, after reading countless reviews it came highly recommended. First off, it smells amazing, very therapeutic amazing for just before bed time. I use this only a night time by warming it up in my hands and then pressing it all over my face. Let me tell you, the reviews were not wrong. I wake up in the morning and my skin feels beautifully soft, and with no greasy residue which I have found with other face oils. It totally trumps my now second favourite Body Shop Vitamin C Serum In Oil (what a mouthful!). Not only has it really helped keep my skin hydrated, it has worked miracles on my breakouts, which is not something I would expect from an oil. Used in conjunction with the next product I am going to talk about, it makes the perfect dream team.


Kiehls Blue Herbal Spot Treatment. Recently, I’ve been experiencing quite a few bad breakouts on my chin and around the bottom half of my face. I hadn’t changed my diet, used any new skin care and made sure my bedding was clean and washed and nothing changed. Having never had bad skin before I totally freaked out, even going to the doctor as it got quite bad and they were really painful. I purchased this in the hope it would calm them down, and it did. I was expecting a blue gel because of the name, but it comes out the tube clear. I apply it in the night and leave it to dry before I apply anything over the top. It has really helped any potential spots, and get rid of any ones I had. One thing I love is that it doesn’t dry my spots out leaving them all flaky. My only grievance is that it doesn’t completely dry, and leaves the area you have applied it a little tacky, but that I can deal with. There is a Blue Herbal Cleanser from this range also which is next on my list….


What are your skincare saviours?

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