Finding Your Personal Style

Recently I have been feeling in a bit of a rut with my style. Honestly I think it’s because we are in-between seasons and everything I buy I end up returning. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear a thin jacket and not have to hide my outfit under a puffy coat. The last few months I have spent so long online trying to find outfit inspiration, I tried to put my style into one category, and only online shopping for clothes that fitted that. Eventually I overcame my personal style dilemma, and have put together some tips and tricks for finding your personal style.

Don’t put yourself into a style category. This is the first mistake I made. I love the chic and tailored look, but I also love bomber jackets and trainers. I decided what my style was going to be and only shopped for clothes that fitted that, and ended being disappointed when I didn’t find anything I liked. Moral of the story is: WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. If you want to wear your Nikes and skinny jeans one day, and cigarette trousers and blazer the next then do it. You don’t need to have a select style, everyone fits into their own personal category.

Don’t be scared to wear something. Seen a really cool outfit on Pinterest or a blog but don’t think it will suit you or worried other people won’t like it? If you like it then wear it. I have outfits that I have worn that my Mum may not like but makes me feel amazing, so I wear it. I sometimes feel that if I wear heeled boots and dress myself up a little bit people are going to judge me, but as I’ve got older I have realised that the only persons opinion who really matters is your own.

You can never go wrong with basics. I love my basics, and if you add some jewellery, a hat or some cool shoes you can totally change the entire outfit. I really like the V-neck tees from H&M, and my favourite jeans are the Topshop Joni’s. The basics I like to have on my wardrobe (or more often than not, floordrobe) are:

  • v-neck tees (black, white and grey)
  • skinny jeans (clean black, blue, ripped)
  • shirt (white and/or black)
  • checked shirt
  • plain jumper (black/grey)
  • camis (black/white)
  • denim shirt
  • leather jacket (black)

All of these items can be mixed and matched, you can’t go wrong! – if you would like a post all about basics, some of my faves and how I like the style them then let me know in the comments!

If you like to follow trends, don’t spend a fortune. Trends come and go so quickly, and if you like to try and keep up with these, I wouldn’t recommend spending masses. My go to places for items like this are Missguided, ASOS and Boohoo. With Missguided in particular you can shop the website via these trends, which I find useful.

Don’t compromise your comfort. If something looks good but it really isn’t practical or comfy, what’s the point? I personally have worn shoes that were so uncomfortable but they looked good so who cares? My feet do. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it.

Wear things that make you feel great. From personal experience I have found that if I feel good in an outfit, it boosts my confidence and my entire mood. It’s amazing how one thing can affect your whole day. For example if I got to uni wearing joggers, I find I am a lot less productive than if I wear something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m in my lounge wear. I’m not saying joggers aren’t ok to wear, cause if they make you feel great, then rock them. This ties into my last point…

Style is subjective. You should dress how you want, and how you feel. There are no rules, and if someone tells you there is, then break them. As long as you feel good wearing what you are wearing, then nothing else matters.

What are your tips on finding your personal style?

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Personal Style

  1. I would LOVE to read a post regarding basics, and what to style it with accessories wise.
    Although I like to think I have an eye for colour, when it comes to clothes and what to wear, I go blank! I try to buy stuff that is comfortable, but usually I find myself feeling quite frumpy or dull. I’ve checked out a few of your recommendations and I have saved them for future reference!

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