The Best Journal For Staying Organised And Some Tips

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I love stationary. I also love making lists, and the two go hand in hand. I was recently looking for a new journal and had something very specific in mind. My last journal was a day to a page and I found I just used to write scribbles all over it and it never made any sense and I ended up stopping using it. I was looking for something with different sections so I could separate things such as university and to do lists for my blog. It also had to be pretty (obviously).

I think I’ve found the ONE. Journal wise that is. Firstly its marble AND copper, two of my favourite things. It has multiple sections, one for to-do lists, and a large area for notes. One thing I really like is that the timetable section doesn’t take up a lot of the page, because I don’t really want to use it as a diary, as I tend to use my phone. I found it Urban Outfitters and it’s also available in black marble, mint and baby pink. You can buy it in mint and black marble here from Ohh Deer, I can’t find the others online but they may still be in Urban Outfitters.

The thing that mostly sold it to me was the fact that it doesn’t have days written in, and you can write them in yourself If you’re having a day where you are not doing anything then you don’t have to waste a page. Also, the OCD in me goes into overdrive when I just have a blank page.

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 I find staying organised is crucial for me. If I haven’t made a list to focus on or a plan, I tend to just lie in bed and watch Netflix. Which is ok, but not every day of the week. So my first tip for staying organised is to make lists. This can be anything, from the food you are going to eat that day to the chores you have to do. One thing I must stress though is don’t stress about finishing the WHOLE list, and don’t give yourself unrealistic goals. If you do all but one, fine. Just move this to the next day and put it first so you make sure it gets done.

Prioritising. Finishing an assignment? High importance. Online shopping to find the perfect pair of shoes? Not so much. You can do this by either writing them in order of importance or highlighting them, whichever is easiest for you.

Tidiness. Personally, if my room is a mess then I can concentrate. It also means there is one less thing on your mind of what needs doing. Tip: a made bed can change the whole appearance of a room. This can be merged with my first tip. Keeping your lists and notes tidy will also help you stick to them. This is why I recommend a journal where it’s all in one place.

Lastly, have regular clear outs. Every 4-5 months I have a good sort through and throw away anything causing clutter or I am keeping unnescessarily, such as broken hair bands and empty bottles of moisturiser ( BRB checking into haorders anonymous).

What are your tips for staying organised?


2 thoughts on “The Best Journal For Staying Organised And Some Tips

  1. This journal looks fantastic – something I would be very tempted to purchase!
    Like you I’m a hoarder too, and although I think my hand writing is atrocious, I tend to collect notebooks or buy them needlessly if they have a cute design on the front. I’d make lists on scrap pieces of paper which I would then lose or throw away by mistake, and so I finally thought to make use of the several notebooks I had stashed away for that very purpose! It’s not as efficient as this little gem though, but at least I can tailor it to suit my To Do’s.
    I’m definitely going to have to practice the 4/5 month clear out tip that you’ve suggested, and I so agree with all these tips to keep organised. One thing I’d say which to be honest does go hand-in-hand with all that you’ve stated, is if I know ‘tomorrow’ I have a busy day or require a lot of materials for Uni (I study art and my commute is about 45mins), do your best to get as much organised/packed the day/night before!! We’ve all had to make a dash for public transport at some point and then had that, “Oh crap,” realisation when we’ve forgotten something. Also it may allow you to get some extra sleep or ensure more time for breakfast and feeling more relaxed and prepared for the day ahead.
    Loving this blog Megan, do keep it up! 🙂


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