Valentines Gift Guide..For Him

Valentine’s Day is approaching, T-8 days. It feels like I was only scoffing down turkey and countless mince pies yesterday. As it approaches, I thought I would offer a helping hand to those that are struggling to find gifts for that special someone.  I have done my research and found (and linked) 3 gifts for each category, one under £5, one between £5 and £15 and lastly £15 and over. I hope this helps, and if not give you some inspiration!

For the new guy in your life…

  1. Hotel Chocolat Wink Wink/Nudge Nudge chocolate hearts (£2.50 each).

Who doesn’t love chocolate? These are totally adorable and come in dark chocolate or caramel. They are also a bit of fun and not too serious, which is also a winner.

2. Oh Deer ”I Like You Mug” (£11.95).

How amazing is this mug?! I actually want one for myself. I think this would be perfect for someone you have just started seeing, as it doesn’t scream ”I LOVE YOU”, and will be sure to make them laugh.

3. Ted Baker Valentines Boxer & Socks set (£28).

For someone that you don’t know that well, underwear and socks is always a good shout, an these Valentines themed Ted Baker ones are just perfect, covered in hearts but not too garish.

For your boyfriend…

  1. Your My Person card (£3.50)

Sometimes, a card is enough. Write a cute note inside and you can’t lose. This card is the perfect amount of soppy, not too much but just enough. Urban outfitters have a really good range of Valentines cards if this one doesn’t float your boat.

2. USB Mix Tape (£14.99).

The modern way to give a mix tape. This comes with a USB inside a mix tape holder, that you can fill with all your favourite songs, or songs that you remind you of your other half, you can even be creative an record your only personal message and upload it. Just don’t do a chandler and re-use it, you may get in trouble!

3. Bake some cupcakes (price dependant on how extravagant you are!).

I have done this a couple of times, and they have always been well received. Cupcake Gemma on YouTube has a really cool heart cupcake recipe, or Baking Mad has loads of Valentines recipes for you to feast your eyes on (get it!).

For your husband…

  1. Personalised Kilner Jar (£3).

This is a really simple and inexpensive, yet effective gift. All you need to do is buy a jar, and fill it with pieces of paper. These could be things you love about them, different locations to have date nights or memories you have together.

2. Reasons Why I Love You Fortune Cookies (£12.99).

Its Valentines night, why not order a Chinese and swap the fortune cookies that come with it for these, it will a perfect surprise and totally unexpected. You get 6, and you can write each message to make it even more personal.

3. Personalised Metal Wallet Card (£18).

Can you tell I like personalised gifts yet?! This is can be kept forever, as long as he doesn’t mind taking up a card space in his wallet! You can write whatever you want, something simple like the date you met, or even something like your wedding vows.

For your guy best friend…

  1. Personalised Nutella (£4.99).

A personalised jar of Nutella is always going to be a win (except if you are allergic to nuts!). It will also make sure that the receiver family keeps their mitts off!

2. Picture Coasters (£15).

Choose 4 of your favourite pictures and you can re-live the memories every time you have a cuppa!

3. Humans of New York book (£20).

I have followed the ”Humans of New York” page on Facebook for quite a while, and they have brought out a book. It’s a really interesting read and some of the stories are very heartfelt and sweet.

Not got a special someone?  Treat yourself…

  1. Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm (£4.50).

This will keep your pout kissable all year round, and it also has SPF 15 for that extra protection.

2. Skinny Dip Phone Case (£12).

Personalise your phone with unicorns, you can’t go wrong.

3. Himalayan Detox Salts (£37).

Spend your Valentines by having a pamper night to yourself, and these are the perfect bath companion. They smell amazing and all your troubles will drain away with your bath water.

I hope this helped, or at least given you some ideas! Happy Valentines xoxo

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