Simplifying My Life And How I’m Being More Positive

Recently, I have been feeling like my life is very cluttered. I have clothes that I never wear, ones with holes in and ones that don’t fit, that for some reason I can’t throw away. My skincare drawer is overflowing, with items I have never used and moisturisers I bought purely because they were on offer or because I heard ONE good review (not advisable).

So, I decided to combat that. Clear mind and life, happy mind and life and all that jazz. Firstly, I had a wardrobe clearout. I was really strict with myself and made a pile for charity/give away, a pile for summer and a pile for throwing away. I now have a decent sized wardrobe that contains clothes that I all wear. I then moved on to my skincare routine, and I decided I needed to assess what my skin really needed, and what issues I was addressing when it came to my face.

I popped into Kiehls and had a free consultation. The lady was really nice and gave me a full skincare routine, some of the products she recommended which she did I am going to combine with some products that I already know I love and I know work. Turns out I have dehydrated skin with some oily patches on my forehead. I have recently been breaking out and we talked about correcting this…I’m hoping a simple 4 to 5 step skincare routine will sort me out. On the topic of skincare I have also vowed to take care of the rest of my skin, i.e. my legs and arms. I have a stash of body butters from many a Christmas and birthday, and I have been really enjoying using them.

Lastly, being more positive. This is something I am extremely bad at, ask anyone that knows me. 2016 will be the year of positivily. I’ve come up with some tips that I am going to use over the course of Β the year….

  • Don’t worry about the small things. So what if you had a packet of crisps when you are on a diet? It doesn’t matter that you lay in bed until 12am or didn’t make your bed that one morning, and there is no need to feel guilty for it.
  • Be you. This is something that I can’t stress enough. Trust me, coming from a 22 year old at university who doesn’t like clubs or really drink (and in a culture where most people believe you go to university to party), it can be very easy to fall to peer pressure and get down about not being someone other people want you to be. Being yourself will make you happy and in turn will make you more positive.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. Something I am very very guilty of. I know this may be easier said than done, but learn to love everything about yourself because you are AMAZING.
  • Not to moan as much. I find that if I moan I not only bring myself down but others around me also. For example, moaning about how cold it is could be combated by thinking to yourself how beautiful winter mornings can be, and taking a picture for instagram maybe.
  • Stop spending my days off lying in bed and go out and do something. This will ultimately make you happier and feel more positive.

What are your tips for staying more positive?

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