10 Things FRIENDS Taught Me

I think Friends may possibly be the best TV series EVER, and my absolute favourite. It never fails to make me laugh and I feel that along the way I have learnt some valuable life lessons. If you haven’t watched friends (shame on you) you might not understand some of these lessons, and I would really suggest you go watch it as you will never look back…

    1. Leather pants are NOT always a good idea.
    2. Being called someone’s lobster may be the weirdest butΒ cutest term of endearment ever.
    3. Always use fire when playing rock, paper, scissors. Failing that, water balloon.
    4. Never count seconds using Mississipi, you will end up looking very very very tanned.
    5. When moving house, it is essential to PIVOT.


6. Rachel Green in during the 90’s = life.


7. It’s ok for guys to ‘awkward hug’ rather than do a Β ‘lame cool guy handshake’.

8. It is totally acceptable to have a chick and a duck as pets (pleeaaaaseeee mum?!).

9. Phoebe showed us that it is okay to be a little crazy.

10. Everyone needs their friends.

Thought this post was a little bit of fun, and I hope you enjoyed it!Β What are your favourite TV shows ever?84677-friends-friends

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