new year, not so new me


Now it’s coming to the end of January, I’ve had some time to look back and reflect on last year. Honestly, 2015 was a really testing year for me, but it also gave me some of the best experiences of my life, as well as teaching me some lessons. I started my blog over on blogger, wrote about 4 posts and then gave up…which brings me to where I am now, having decided to give the blogging game another go, but firstly I want to reflect on 2015…

I think my biggest highlight of last year was my 2 week trip to America. I got to do so many amazing things and it made me realise how lucky I am, not only to be able to actually go there, but also how amazing our family (me and my boyfriend’s) is, letting us stay with them and going out of their way to make sure we had the best experience possible. We visited the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, went hiking in the mountains above LA and my personal favourite, got to go to a baseball game. Writing this post is actually perfect timing, as yesterday we booked flights to go back for Christmas (I cannot contains my excitement, only 329 and counting…).

After an amazing summer off, it was time for me to go back to University and enter my second year, which I am still currently in. Needless to say I was NOT looking forward to it. I really didn’t enjoy my first year, I struggled with being away from home, missing my friends and family and ended up going home every chance I could, even if it meant missing lectures (sorry mum!). This is where learning lessons comes into it. Due to me missing lectures, not eating great and not having an amazing sleeping pattern, I ended up failing a module and having to re-sit the exam 2 weeks before my second year started, which put me under ALOT of stress. Thankfully with a lot of dedication and hard work I passed, but it definitely taught me some lessons;

  1. GO TO YOUR LECTURES. Yes, majority of the time the lecturers are just regurgitating information off a powerpoint, but you are paying a lot of money to be there, and you don’t want to waste it.
  2. Revision timetables make so much difference.
  3. Eating well and having a good sleeping pattern will not only make you feel a lot better in yourself, but will also help you learn!
  4. Who you live with has a massive effect. Unfortunateley I clashed with my flatmates in halls, and now I’m living in a house with people I chose to live with I am 100% happier
  5. Get a hobby. I joined the trampolining team in my first year, Β never having done it before and it’s been amazing. I have made some great friends and I am still going in my second year, and this time being part of the committee.

Safe to say, I started my second year with a much more positive attitude and so far I have been really enjoying it. This brings me up to now, 2016, a whole new year to conquer.

Personally, I don’t make new year resolutions. I find that if I tell myself I will start doing something from the first of January, and then I miss one day or don’t manage to achieve whatever it is, I just stop trying. So, to combat this, I have used the month of January to look at my life and decide what I want to do differently. One of these things is a total cliché and I hate to say it but, to drink more water. I really do not drink enough, I can get home from lectures at 3pm and then realise I have not had anything to drink. For the last week and a half I have been making sure I drink at least 2L of water a day, and it has already made such a difference to my skin. Another thing I wanted to implement in my life is not to be so hard on myself. This could be with anything, whether its beating myself up for not drinking my 2L target, or comparing myself to others. I need to realise that it’s okay if you miss your target for one day, and you start tomorrow as a whole fresh new day, not to make up for the previous one.

Lastly, to write on my blog. In order to get more motivation with this, me and my boyfriend have both set goals (mine being this) and we are going to make sure the other keeps up with it and support each other with it. So that’s it, my new year, not so new me ramble, also the first post of many more to come.




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